We are organizing a local chapter of Health 2.0 right here in San Diego.

If you are interested in innovation and meaningful reform, if not outright redesign of our expensive, fragmented and too often inaccessible, and highly practice variant health care delivery system; or are simply committed to prevention and wellness via healthier choices, consider joining us at our next chapter meeting in May 2011 (time, and place yet to be set).

We welcome participation by e-patients, consumers, ‘health data’ geeks, developers, programmers, physicians, allied health practitioners or other clinicians, hospitals, health systems, academics, enterprise managers, start-up, angel or venture capital representatives. We are an inclusive culture, and value the power of crowd sourced collaborative energies.

The overall theme is consumer empowerment, and provider engagement via emerging and promising technologies. Together we can make a difference! Lets build the bridge between problems, and solutions at both the healthcare enterprise level, as well as in our respective communities or personal health choices. There is a ‘mega supply’ of incredible talent in San Diego. Lets put it to work with the aid of digital interactive media tools, including open source and principles of ‘open space’ technology.

If interested, contact us at: health2sandiego(at)gmail(dot)com, and follow us on Twitter via @health2sandiego